Pink prosecco is coming to the UK

The fact we can’t currently sit drinking in our favourite beer garden or bar is tough.

Our plans for summer have been firmly put on hold, which means there’s all the more reason to get excited about next year.

Especially because there’s a new kind of booze hitting the shelves in 2021.

Prosecco DOC Consortium has announced that the production of Prosecco DOC Rosé – aka pink prosecco – has been approved.

According to new regulations, rosé prosecco must be made with a Glera base and blended with 10%-15% Pinot Nero, with Brut Nature and Extra Dry being the only two permitted styles.

The tickled pink bubbles will be on sale (at the earliest) on 1 January – following the harvest – and all bottles will be vintage-dated with a minimum of 85% of the fruit coming from the stated vintage.

This means that pink prosecco should be in UK bars and on supermarket shelves by summer 2021.

One of the first producers to announce it was making pink prosecco was Bosco Viticultori. The brand hopes to release its first bottles this January.

Bosco’s managing director, Paolo Lasagni, previously told the Drinks Business: ‘We will be making pink prosecco from the 2019 harvest, which will be bottled in December.

‘There is a temptation to get the wines ready in time for Christmas, but it’s better to take your time and make a quality product than rush it to market.’

Bosco Viticultori is aiming to produce one million bottles of rosé prosecco from the 2019 vintage, which will have a shelf price of around £10-12.

Paolo added: ‘It makes sense to make rosé prosecco as we grow Pinot Noir in the region and it is one of the permitted grape varieties in prosecco. All of the world’s other top sparkling wine regions, from Champagne to Franciacorta, make rosé.’

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