People love this basic-looking house with a beach and spaceship room inside

We’ve all heard not to judge a book by its cover. And this house is evidence of that.

If you walked past it, you’d think it’s just a red brick bungalow – but inside, there’s actually a spaceship control room and an indoor beach.

The home is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S., and is currently on sale for $159,000 (£130,700).

Although the initial image looks a little boring, you know you’re in for something interesting when the listing begins ‘Do you like fun & adventure?’.

The fun starts the minute you enter with a 13th Century castle themed living room. It’s got a dramatic high oak beamed ceiling with a hardwood floor, brick fireplace and a ladder to an elevated library.

But one side of the room has a floor to ceiling outer space wall mural with a talking space alien, who leads you into the dining room command centre.

There you’ll find everything you’ll need to pretend you’re controlling a spaceship, including a working computer and controls from an Apache helicopter.

There’s a fairly standard kitchen so you can still cook something up in between pretending you’re flying through space.

There is a vault-like handle, which takes you to a laundry, storage and workshop area.

Upstairs (accessed by a spiral staircase), there are three bedrooms, a den area and a walkway.

One bedroom is a tropical island theme, complete with sandy floor.

Another bedroom is themed around a 1970 hippie crash pad, with a queen water bed. There’s also a jungle-themed bathroom with plants covering the walls.

The fun doesn’t end inside – there’s also a back yard with a pool and patio area.

The house was discovered online by Twitter user @Frazierapproves and soon went viral, with over 135,000 likes and 27,800 retweets.

They said: ‘I just discovered the greatest house listing of all time. It starts out very unassuming and modest.’

‘Then, you see the yard and think “wow, that’s somewhat surprising.“

‘Then, you see the interior and think well that’s not quite what I expected.

‘Then, things start to escalate.

‘And before you know it, WHAT THEE F**K IS HAPPENING HERE?’

One person replied: ‘I have never wanted something more in my entire life.’

The granddaughter of the man who created the house even spotted the thread and shared some information.

She said: ‘This is my grandfather’s house lol. He still lives local, just downsized. He’s a retired electrical engineer and Navy veteran. Super fun to grow up with. He always hid new treasures for my younger sister and I to find when we’d come over.’

She also shared an email he wrote, which he signs off Cap’n Grand Dad. He said: ‘I’ve been accused of having an over-active imagination. I reply no, I’m just condemned to live in an under-active universe, but your call.’

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