Jaguars PR director details reopening plan for team on Tuesday

With NFL teams being allowed to begin limited re-openings of their team headquarters, Tad Dickman, the public relations director for the Jacksonville Jaguars, detailed the measures they have put in place to protect employees as personnel begin to return to on-site duties.

Beginning on Tuesday, individuals wishing to return to the workplace will be allowed to do so on a voluntary basis. Those that do plan to head into the offices will have to meet several requirements set forth through NFL guidelines and measures put in place by the team’s Infectious Response Team.

The group – consisting of Jaguars head physician Kevin Kaplan, internist Mike Yorio and infection disease physician Ken Meyer – has implemented a training program and protocols for handling a positive test within the staff. Employees will have repeated temperature checks and masks are required for all employees unless they are alone in their offices. No non-employees will be allowed in the building.

“The Jaguars have remained open for business throughout the last several weeks, and I’m exceptionally proud of how our employees transitioned to virtual collaboration,” team president Mark Lamping said in a statement. “They maintained the same high standard of customer service our fans have come to expect and have found creative ways to keep fans informed, engaged, active and entertained.

“Just as we will do for our fans, players and coaches, the Jaguars will continue to take all necessary precautions to ensure the well-being of our staff.”

Players and coaches are not permitted by the NFL to return to their buildings until all 32 teams can do so concurrently for competitive balance reasons. The only exception is for players that are seeking medical treatment or rehabilitation. The league has also capped the number of total workers allowed to a maximum of 75 employees or 50 percent of the staff.

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