Aldi launches £25 glass toaster so you can get the perfect colour every time

Everyone like their toast a little different (I’m a very slightly golden brown but still soft in the middle sort of person).

So it’s always disappointing when you pop up the toaster and realise it’s not quite cooked to your preference.

But now Aldi is launching a toaster with a glass window at the front so you can see your toast as it cooks and get it perfect.

And even better – the toaster costs just £24.99.

It’s silver and sleek so will still look great on your worktop too.

And don’t worry, the glass is removable so you can give it a good clean.

The description on the Aldi website says: ‘Take the guesswork out of toasting with this Ambiano Glass Toaster. With its easy-to-use design, it incorporates a removable glass window that allows you to view the browning level of your toast as it cooks, so that perfect slice is only minutes away every time.

‘With six settings, a removable crumb tray for easy cooking, reheat, frost and cancel functions in a modern silver and glass design, give your kitchen the refresh it’s been begging for with this amazing toaster.’

There’s a matching glass kettle too and while watching your water boil might not be as useful, it does somehow make it more fun.

The 1.7 litre kettle costs £19.99.

Both the kettle and toaster are part of the special buys, which go on sale on May 31, but you can pre-order online now. There’s free delivery over £20.

We’ll toast to that.

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